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About three years ago I made a feature film called Wild Men, a comedy about the making of a reality show hunting for proof of Bigfoot. I play the show's nasty host, Dick Heffelfinger. Last year, the film released on Hulu, and a few months ago on Amazon Prime.

I am incredibly proud of this film and my performance in it. It is very funny and ridiculous at times with lots of cursing, but I love it and I am glad it is now easily accessible. However - I only wish that more people saw it.

Those who have say great things. They even wrote some awesome reviews on Amazon. Today I am asking for your help in getting the word out more. I believe the film is worthy of a following, not just because of me, but the hard and spectacular work of the entire cast and crew. That's where you come in - it needs some grassroots support.

If 90 minutes of laughs from a great ensemble doesn't tickle your fancy, feel free to pass. But if you want to help a good project with good people get some real sea legs, then please:

1. Watch the movie and enjoy! 2. Share the AMAZON LINK which I'll provide below and say some great things on your feed. 3. Leave an Amazon review if you wish :)

It's as simple as that. I believed in this film when I made it, and I still believe in it today. But without that million dollar billboard in Times Square, it will be hard to gain some traction. Word of mouth proves our best bet.

Here is the link with trailer attached. Thank you in advance for your support and help. Karma will take care of you 🙏


This will be my last effort for a long time to get this movie seen by a larger audience. Hopefully with your help, it can make a difference. If not, I sincerely hope that one day this movie gets the recognition it deserves.

(Pro tip: put this movie in a theater with 300 people and witness the nonstop laughter)

Thank you,

Zack Abramowitz

Wild Men the Movie Nominated for Best Feature and Director (Bobby Sansivero) Winner for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor (Zack Abramowitz and Alexander Stine) Macabre Faire Film Fest 2017

Here's to Team Perseverance 👍

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