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Zack has been a filmmaker since 2006, wearing various hats on set including: writer, director, producer and editor for independent film and popular web projects. 


He became a self-taught filmmaker early in his movie career after the urge to create his own work. His debut project as filmmaker was a mockumentary web series about two New York actors entitled, “Zack and Michael,” which garnered tens of thousands of views on YouTube. One 'special' episode reached half a million. Zack also directed, produced and starred in a short documentary on The Dark Knight, a tribute with interviews of fans on Halloween night in 2008 on the streets of New York. He created the viral video "Kyle Sands: Raptor Hunter," as well as co-starred in and produced a web series called “LOSERS”, and has now produced a television pilot based on it. The "LOSERS" TV Pilot has been to 40 film festivals and 10 comic cons since it's run began, and is now online to be shopped around to networks. Zack takes pride in having fun and good ideas when it comes to producing, and enjoys connecting the right people to work together as a team on and off set.


He can be seen in the upcoming feature film "Wild Men", and the dark comedy "The Mel Klein Diaries." He co-starred in Jack Gattanella’s feature-length debut Green Eyes which is now screening internationally, with whom he also helped to produce ‘Jealous Jerzy’ and 'Lines of Glory." Both projects screened at domestic and international film festivals. Zack went on to create a web series entitled "Kyle Sands: Raptor Hunter", from his original viral video, in which he not only stars, but also writes, directs, edits and produces. The pilot episode has reached almost 100,000 views and was retweeted by the late Roger Ebert.  Zack continues to produce as well on “Nightwing: Escalation,” a fan-made web series based on DC comics. In their third and final season, Zack will direct two episodes, as well as play out his character arc. 


Zack looks forward to continually working with inspired people on inspired projects.

“I have rarely worked with a production company that has been as efficient and professional as Makeshift Productions. Everything was shot on time, according to the schedule with time left over for creative experimentation. This team was not only professional but brilliantly funny and inventive. As an actress who has worked on a number of film sets, it was a treat to work with Zack and his team. I would highly recommend Zack and his company to anyone interested in working with them.”

- Amanda Mesaikos, Actress and Producer

DP Marc Riou and Director Zack Abramowitz on the set of Nightwing: Escalation Season Three

Kyle Sands: Raptor Hunter

Episode 2.5 “Raptor Log” (2013)

Written, Directed, Edited, Produced and Acted by Zack Abramowitz

Cinematography by Bobby Sansivero

Original Score by Matthew AC Cohen


Written and Directed by Alex Valderana

Produced by Zack Abramowitz

Cinematography by Bobby Sansivero

Nightwing: Escalation 

A DC Universe homage web series

Written and Directed by Alex Valderana

Produced by Alex Valderana, Zack Abramowitz, Jared Blake DiCroce

Kyle Sands: Raptor Hunter

The Pilot Episode from 2008 (viral video)

Written, Directed, Edited, Produced and Acted by Zack Abramowitz

Tweeted by the late Roger Ebert


Sci-Fi comedy, half-hour format

Screened at over 40 festivals

Now on Amazon Prime

Written and Directed by Carlos del Rosario

Starring and Produced by Zack Abramowitz

Cinematography by Bobby Sansivero

Latest work behind the camera as writer/director 

"Behind the Saber" (2016 finalist - Lucasfilm Awards)

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