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“Zack is one of the most reliable and talented actors I've ever worked with.”

Matt Rosen - Writer/ Director  of “The Cellar”


“Zack is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and funniest students I have ever taught.  I’ve known him since he was like 16 and I am still constantly impressed by his dedication to this business, and his talent to back it up.” 

Tara Copeland - Teacher and Performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade


"Zack Abramowitz is an actor who defies no limits. Whether its juggling two completely different roles at once, or enduring the physical struggle of a fight scene, Zack is fully capable of finding the focus in his emotions, especially when he's on both sides of good AND evil." Marco Chierichella - Director/ Co-Writer  "The Bastard Men of Root Flats"


“Strong choice and right from the top! You carried it all the way through. It was completely entertaining and engaging and you played "the neurotic" to perfection. Awesome!” 

Feedback on a scene from Katja Blichfeld, Associate Casting Director for NBC’s “30 Rock”


“I LOVED your work in Guardians. I am so glad I made it out to see you. What a remarkable performance... Congratulations on a very successful production.”                  

Paul Michael, Executive Director of The Network


"Zack is an improv genius, which is why I've loved working on projects with him both as a fellow actor and director."

Bev Reese - Actor/Director/Producer


“Zack Abramowitz is the kind of actor that every actor loves to work with. He's so committed to his character and every situation, he respects the process and he lets it rip. It's delightful to watch him perform, whether in a sinister role or playing an innocent; his imagination sinks him into his part and therefore the audience can go freely with him on the journey... simply put he's a pro and sure to be a rising star.” Carolinne Messihi, Actor


"I haven't had the pleasure of working with Zack, but I have had the pleasure of watching Zack work.  In a show called 'Guardians', performed in Manhattan, the kind, gentle, intelligent, professional Zack effortlessly transformed into a devious, deceiftul, despicable deviant, all in an intimate setting where he was no more than 5 feet away at any moment.  The show called for energy, accents, charisma, honesty, truth, and Zack brought all of those things and many more interesting ideas and actions to the work.  He's a deep thinker and a man of study.  He is one of the most passionate, intelligent and hard-working actor/writer/producer I've ever had the pleasure to know.  Zack doesn't disappoint."

Edward Kasche, Producer/Reven Films


“I had the pleasure of working with Zack Abramowitz during the summer of 2008 on a really intense play I directed, Guardians, by Peter Morris.  Zack was a pleasure to work with.  He is a talented, energetic, and dedicated actor.  With each rehearsal Zack grew in the role of the English Boy.  This role may not have seemed ideally suited for Zack’s persona but through diligent study and work he grew to fully capture the essence of his character. Zack was always dependable with a wonderful attitude and out look on rehearsals.  He always brings a sense of humor to rehearsals but stays focused on the tasks at hand making him a wonderful collaborator.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a bright, entertaining and talented actor.”  Joe Giardina, Director of “Guardians”


"Zack is not afraid to step out of the box and take on any challenge. An actor who's very willing and open to taking any kind of direction given."

Omar Pierre, Director


“A few years ago I was shooting a comedy short, Untitled Impound. I had originally cast the part of Mel Klein with another actor, but at the last minute the actor pulled out. After a very quick search, Zack Abramowitz caught my eye, not just because of his list of already impressive film and theater credits, but because of a certain look that appeared just right for the character, which is rare enough. It turned out to be the best bit of serendipity on the shoot. Whereas other actors didn't remember their lines and didn't come prepared with costumes, Zack knew the script backwards and forwards for a single day of intense shooting, without any rehearsal time with me prior and with only two days before the shoot. I was stunned; even if the film overall didn't turn out great I knew I had one sequence I could be proud of thanks to Zack. Since then we have collaborated on a few more short films, and every time Zack brings something new and exciting to the projects, making each character completely his own. His points of view and sheer screen presence and energy gets me motivated to do the best I can as a filmmaker as well as the best out of the entire crew. So powerful and fearless is he, and my trust in him so strong, that I'm currently scripting a spin-off of his Mel Klein character for a feature film as the lead.”

Jack Gattanella, Director of “Untitled Impound” and 

the upcoming feature “The Mel Klein Diaries”


"Zack is the utmost professional.  He's dedicated, on top of his game, and puts 110% effort into everything he does. If anyone can do well in this tough industry... Zack can!!"

Jodi Jacobs, Actor


“I directed Zack in my one-act play "The Art of the Pick-up" a few summers back. I was auditioning people all day for 2 days straight, and I'd say 95% of the guys didn't get my writing at all and I started to think it must be me! And then Zack walked in with his exuberance and self confidence and nailed it. I worked him pretty hard in rehearsals along with his partner-in-crime, Michael. I challenged him and he challenged me and then he and Michael made some beautiful music on stage. Zack is a hard-working actor, a positive force and a real go-getter. Hire him for Christ sake and let's get some original artists with a voice out there working!”

Dave Rosenberg, Writer/Director


“I worked with Zack on a production that was about as mismanaged as could be.   A complete disaster from the start and a really harrowing experience to live through, but I did take away from it a contact with one of the best undiscovered actors I've come across. Zack is truly an "instinctual" actor with a born, natural talent. I watched him audition with a piece that was dead as dead could be and he brought so much life to it, infused it with so much character and hit his marks so spot on, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Now this may sound a bit dramatic but when you work in the lower levels of the acting field and all you ever see is mediocre to bad and boring actors, witnessing a talent as strong as Zack's is momentous. I will always keep Zack in mind and will jump at the opportunity to recommend him for any project and will do whatever I can to assure his success, though with his talent, I doubt he'll have to rely on anyone's assistance. If you can't accept my gushing endorsement of Zack on my word, I recommend you check out his self produced/written/directed and acted web series "Zack and Michael.”

- Matthew Faller, Actor


“Having worked with Zack on many occasions and in many capacities, I am the leading authority on the subject of Zack Abramowitz. I have seen him succeed as an actor, as a writer, as a director, as a musician, and thus, as an artist. His talent, dedication, energy and relentless ambition does not wither. From the stage we shared as fellow actors when I first met him to the countless number of projects we have collaborated on since, though he has grown immensely, what has remained consistent is his ability to get it done, and to do it, whatever it may be, with all his heart and soul. For that, I admire him and will be his artistic partner for as long as he'll have me.”

James Manzello, Writer/Director of The Neighborhood Series (


"Zack Abramowitz's rambunctious performance as the tabloid journalist in ‘Guardians’ had me so fascinated and horrified I was actually quite surprised to meet him afterwards and find him pleasant and personable! Despite the pretty awful things his character did, Zack managed to make him likeable; someone you'd like to have a drink with...if you could go and wash your hands straight afterwards. It must be pretty intense having the whole audience's attention completely on you for 50% of the play, but Zack had everyone captivated right ‘til the end and his performance never sagged. I guess that's what they call acting!" 

- Susan Carnell, Blogger at Psychology Today

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