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Nominated for BEST ACTOR in Receding!

The Receding train continues! Thank you VERY much Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Fest for the DOUBLE NOMINATION on Receding! Looking forward to the Asbury Park screening in NJ! #BestActor #BestComedy #RecedingFilm #ThankYou #Honored RecedingShortFilm (dotcom) 🎬🔥👊  

Also here is a bonus review from the prestigious Utah Film Festival!

“Dario Caudana's "Receding" was epic, love it to bits. It reminded me of those moments when you think you finally did something that will positively change the rest of your life but epically backlashed to resentment. Zack Abramowitz who was Nathan in this short is a natural in the acting field. He was able to internalize with his character and did remarkably well. Overall it was a very good movie, its story is pretty much something many of us can relate. It was well-written and complemented by a bunch of really good actors, well done to all!”

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