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I won BEST ACTOR for Wild Men!

We had a great time last night at the Macabre Faire Film Festival. Wild Men received a total of 8 nominations and we took home Best Actor (That's me, Zack Abramowitz!) and Best Supporting Actor (Alexander Stine) amongst a room of powerful work, and I was very honored to learn that I shared the Best Actor category with Angus McFadyen (Braveheart, Equilibrium, TURN: Washington's Spies).

The villainous Jasson Finney himself (GOTHAM, Daredevil) presented me the award last night and we joked that I could play his younger brother.

Wild Men is super funny you guys. Myself and the incredible ensemble cast finished this movie two years ago, and now you will finally all be able to see it as it releases on streaming platforms next month. So stay tuned for that 👍

Out of all the Official Selections narrowed down from hundreds of films - 90 shorts and 20 features - I was honored to take home the accolade of Best Actor for Wild Men.

Thank you to everyone at Macabre Faire including Elsie, Todd, our handlers and all the rest, who are kind, professional and gracious hosts! As Dick Heffelfinger of Wild Men would say: "Pack your bags kids. It's adventure time." Congrats to the entire crew.

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