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#MobSquad - Improv on Nightwing: Escalation

Welcome to the House of Rotelli. #‎MobSquad was a fun little improv I started with the fellas while filming Nightwing: Escalation Web Series season 3. This is a little gem right here…so Alex and I have decided to develop this into a little spin off comedy series. Stay tuned for episode 2!

From the official Nightwing page at

We kick off Season 3 officially with this completely improvised comedy spin-off show, #‎Mobsquad! Join mob boss Antoine Rotelli and the boys from #‎NEscalation. Starring Zack Abramowitz Official Fanpage / Zack Abramowitz, Vincent Bivona, Lauren Hart, Mike Knutsen-Goldstein, Louis Edward Balletta & Donovan Andrew! Shot by Marc Riou, edited by Alex Valderana. First episode of an ongoing series, executive produced by Mr. Rotelli himself.

Watch and share now! #MobSquad

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